The Humans Among Aliens

A thought about all the content we consume and a few questions that come up about our own existence or existence of Aliens who could be all around us!

Short Stories, The Pen

Myths, Wishes and Failed Hopes

Rishab held a newspaper over his forehead to block the piercing evening sunrays burning his eyes while they lay in the middle of a Cotton field near an abandoned well. “Chuck it”, he said as his arms started to hurt. “Weak ass”, Sameer smirked. “Yeah, whatever..”, Rishab smiled,” that’s something I used to tell you.… Continue reading Myths, Wishes and Failed Hopes

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A day in the God’s Own Country | Kochi, Kerala

Little do we know what to expect on roads untravelled, from conversing with people,things and what not to read a book on the beach. This is one adventure of mine where I took the road not taken, and I shall tell this with a happy sigh; that had made all the difference.